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Your Retirement
Planning for a successful retirement has never been more challenging than it is today. Gone are the days when workers can depend totally on Social Security and their pensions for a successful retirement.
     Today smart people are realizing that working toward their retirement goals requires careful planning and making the most of employer sponsored plans, such as 401(k) plans.
     For most American workers their 401(k) will be the cornerstone for their retirement savings. However, this assumes that one possesses the skill, time and temperament to navigate the investment landscape with reasonable success.

How we Distinguish Ourselves:
401(k) Advantage® is a retirement plan monitoring service that distinguishes itself in providing 24/7 access to your recommended allocations based on current market conditions using our key economic indicators. Considering the economic uncertainty facing investors it is important that your portfolio is carefully monitored and changes are updated based on the overall strength of the market. The objective of our active investment style is to participate in market gains and limit losses in declining markets, while seeking a rate of return consistent with one's investment objectives and risk tolerance. Please click here to see investment metholodogy.

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For current financial planning clients of Townsend Retirement Specialists, the 401(k) Advantage® service fee is included in your annual dues. To access your recommendations please click on the client log-in section located at the top of the page.

If you are looking to join Townsend Retirement Specialists 401(k) Advantage® Program, the fee is $195.00 per year. Please contact us and we will send out enrollment forms along with a risk tolerance questionnaire to get you signed up for the service. The 401(k) Advantage® service is available until client retires or terminates employment.

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